PWN Zug & Zurich: Cognitive Flexibility: A better understanding of how we make important decisions

22 March 2018 19:00 - 22:00 WEV Building, ETH


We all do it: we try to focus on just one thing at a time, whether it's work, family, friends or something else, but it doesn't always work very well.

The thoughts of what's happening next, your growing to-do list, that important meeting you have coming up, keep creeping in.  This is a subject that has been extensively studied by Dr. Daniella Laureiro, and as a result, she's developed a toolset to help harness our thoughts in a constructive direction.  Using Cognitive Flexibility, individuals can improve at solving problems creatively to foster their careers and even the performance of their organization.

The innovation required in today's world relies on creativity, and this creativity is composed of different abilities that we can all improve on!

 In this interactive workshop, Dr. Laureiro will use questionnaires and customized tools to help us actively assess and reflect on our abilities, so that we be more cognitively flexible!

PLEASE NOTE: As part of this workshop you will receive a customised report based on your responses to an online lab questionnaire designed by Dr. Laureiro.   This pre-work will add to a meaningful discussion relevant to the participants in the room. This will be provided in early March and will need to be completed  15 March.

 Learn specifically what impacts your creativity and innovative thinking and how to improve your decision-making abilities in an impactful way

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WEV Building, ETH
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
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CHF30 per attendee
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CHF50 per attendee
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Please note: no refunds for any cancellations received within 1 week of this event date.
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  • Dr Daniella Laureiro Martinez
    Senior Scientist / Associate Professor ETH Zurich VIEW PROFILE

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