Who We Work With

As a volunteer-led organisation, we are constantly on the lookout for partners who share our vision and are able to support us to make the world a better and fairer place.

Our partners are as diverse as our member base! From different industries, geographical locations, and at different points in their balanced leadership journeys.

We can offer you global visibility to a global market place, and the opportunity to collaborate on creating balanced leadership programs that create sustainable positive change.

The one thing we ask from you is that there is a real desire to improve gender balance in your organisations. We want you to achieve a real return on your investment - and we're honest and bold enough to say that's not going to happen if you are just here to check one of the many "HR Initiative" boxes.

Whether you are looking for an organisation that can hand hold you through the process of setting up an internal network for balanced leadership, or you want to complement your existing network with the cross-fertilisation of ideas, we can help you. 

Even if you don't want your own internal network, you can simply tap into our great knowledge base and resources.

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