Marta Ludovici
VP Career Development

Marta has 15 years of professional experience in the Fashion & Luxury industry.

She is an expert in Retail Management, Sales and Merchandising.

Marta has worked in Italy and Switzerland for big international organizations, leading multicultural teams.In the last years, she has been making a professional transition into sustainable and circular businesses - e.g. Yoga, Second-Hand.

Sustainability is very close to her heart, and she embraces it in her everyday life. As part of the # 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, healthy lifestyle and well-being are her key priorities.

Mental Health is also one of her dearest topics: she is already Mental Health First Aider and she is on the path to become Counsellor and Career Coach.  Marta has been into Mentoring for many years, starting from PWN Milan (Italy) where she started as Mentor.

She is very passionate about personal and professional growth and a strong supporter of gender equality.

Born in Italy, she speaks English, French, Spanish and German.