Cornelia Bade
VP Partners

Cornelia Bade lives in Zurich and is a senior marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in delivering strategic  and impactful marketing and communication solutions and programmes within multinational firms. Cornelia also has extensive experience in building successful client relationship programmes, partnerships and connecting people and ideas across borders to deliver impact.

Cornelia is tri-lingual in English, German and Spanish and is used to working at all levels in an organisation, leading or being part of international teams across a variety of industries, geographies and cultures. She is also an experienced team lead, coach and mentor. 

Cornelia is passionate about connecting people and ideas to unlock opportunities that make an impact on businesses and society. She will therefore be focusing more of her time on working with leaders to develop transformational marketing programmes that build the foundation to drive change. 

In her free time, Cornelia enjoys spending time with her family and friends, venturing into nature (when possible) for a run or biking; she is passionate about wildlife conservation as well as experimenting in the kitchen to relax through cooking and baking. Cornelia is also a movie buff, who loves to travel and experience new places, people, the arts and culinary traditions.