Sinja Christiani
VP Operations & Events

Sinja Christiani has an academic background in economics & informatics, followed by a career in tech consulting, where she gained experience leading and being part of international teams across a variety of industries, geographies and cultures. She has recently shifted her career to focus on talent management and organisational design. In her current role as a Director at Deloitte, she is working on the shift of the internal HR function into digitalisation and agility. Sinja is currently also a member of the advisory board of department of informatics at University of Zurich (her own alma mater).

Studying and then also making her career in very male dominated environments, Sinja became aware of the importance of diversity & inclusion in the workspace (and beyond). With this awareness, she started actively engaging by e.g. acting as inclusion champion, organising networking and recruiting events targeted at women and using her seniority to sponsor, coach and mentor more junior colleagues. 

In her free time, Sinja enjoys spending time with her 3 year old daughter and family. She has also recently finally (re-)started playing the piano, and when the weather permits, she enjoys gardening, biking and skiing. Once her daughter is a bit older, she is also looking forward to start golfing again – a hobby neglected over the past years.

Sinja is native in German and fluent in English. Her French and Italian skills are a bit rusty, but sufficient for casual conversations.