Marike Stassar
President, PWN Norway

Peace Advocate and Leadership Mentor Marike Stassar is the founder and CEO of Amarita, a company that helps business leaders lead the change they want to see in the world through their business.

She’s dedicated to helping established leaders step into their courage and lead with a clear purpose and direction that have its roots in human values and conscious awareness.

Her insights on peace leadership and change have been demonstrated in 20 years of leadership positions in corporate and public organizations in transition, and her experience as a transformational coach, hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher.

She served on the PWN (AIPBW) board in 2007 for events, was project manager for PWN’s mentorship- and entrepreneurship programme and has been a PWN mentor since 2017.

When she is not empowering the minds, brains and hearts of leaders, you can find her listening to music, taking up her electric guitar or playing the air guitar while attending a rock concert!