Barbara Vercruysse
President, PWI Brussels

Barbara Vercruysse is a Global Kindness Advocate, Business Consultant, Thought Leader and Public Speaker. 

One of her clients is a group of BMW dealers where she operates as a Quality Officer, Customer Board responsible and Operational Excellence Responsible, she synchronizes the high BMW standards with a welcoming work environment so that all employees perform at their highest level with great sense of well-being. She has also been part of the management team there for several years.  

Barbara believes in the power of a strong network and is passionate of bringing a message of Powerful Kindness into the world and making a positive impact through women empowerment.

Happily married for 25 years, mom of 3 wonderful young adults, she strongly believes in leading by example after having survived a stage four cancer at the age of 32.

Her passions are reading, painting, enjoying arts, traveling, serving humanity, profound conversations, connecting from human to human.