Our Board & Staff

PWN Zug & Zurich's Board and Staff is as diverse as our membership, featuring corporate professionals from across a wide range of industries and backgrounds.


  • Ada Stein
    President, PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Aleksandra Orman-Lorenz
    Co-President View bio
  • Ana Torres
    President, PWN Lisbon View bio
  • Anaida Dibra
    President, PWI Brussels View bio
  • Aniqa Akram
    Co-President View bio
  • Anna Benini
    President, PWN Rome View bio
  • Anna Lindequist
    President, PWN Stockholm View bio
  • Assoc. prof. Eva Turk, PhD, MBA
    President, PWN Norway View bio
  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
    EPWN President (2004-2006) View bio
  • Aylin Olsun
    Co-President, PWN Istanbul View bio
  • Bente Fjeldberg
  • Carina Furlong
    Co-President, PWN Global View bio
  • Chloé Figg
    Co-VP Corporate Partners, PWN Global View bio
  • Claudia Cordie
    Co-President, PWN Vienna View bio
  • Derin Ajayi
    Co-President, PWN London View bio
  • Diana Köpping
    VP MarCom & Digital View bio
  • Emma Olohan, PRII
    VP Public Relations, PWN Global View bio
  • Fiona Flynn
    President, PWN Dublin View bio
  • Françoise Derolez
    Co-President, PWN Paris View bio
  • Funda Sezgin
    VP Engaging Men, PWN Global View bio
  • Gini Dupasquier
    Co-President, PWN Milan View bio
  • Grazia Santagati
    VP Technology, PWN Global View bio
  • Gunilla Bjorner
    Co-VP Corporate Partners, PWN Global View bio
  • Jane Hallauer
    VP Secretary General & Treasurer View bio
  • Janice Mueller
    Advisor View bio
  • Joy Medos
    Co-President, PWN Vienna View bio
  • Karen Miller
    VP Strategic Partnerships View bio
  • Lina Nakata
    Co-President, PWN Sao Paulo View bio
  • Margaret Milan
    EuropeanPWN President (2006-2007) View bio
  • Marie-Catherine Boinay
    Treasurer, PWN Global View bio
  • Marie-Laetitia Gourdin
  • Marijana Sarolic Robic
    President, PWN Zagreb View bio
  • Marijo Bos
    PWN Global President (2009-2015) View bio
  • Marlene de Koning
    President, PWN Amsterdam View bio
  • Marta Ludovici
    VP Career Development View bio
  • Mirella Visser
    EPWN President (2007-2009) View bio
  • Miren Polo di Lara
  • Munirah Looi
    President, PWN Kuala Lumpur View bio
  • Nadine Castellani
    President, PWN Lyon View bio
  • Patricia Zeegers
    VP Entrepreneurship, PWN Global View bio
  • Ramune Lekamaviciute
    Acting President, PWN Frankfurt View bio
  • Razwana Wahid
    President, PWN Barcelona View bio
  • Rob Baker
    Co-President, PWN Global (2017-2019) View bio
  • Roberta Toniolo
    President, PWN Milan View bio
  • Rosa Urtubi
    President, PWN Bilbao View bio
  • Sheila Gemin
    Co-President, PWN Global View bio
  • Sonya Richardson
    Co-President, PWN Global (2015-2019) View bio
  • Susannah Haan
    Secretary General, PWN Global View bio
  • Thays Aldrighe 
    Co-President, PWN Sao Paulo View bio
  • Tsetska Karadjova
    President, PWN Sofia View bio
  • Vanessa Jarrett
    President, PWN Nice-Côte D'Azur View bio
  • Vanessa Neil
    President, PWN Geneva-Lausanne View bio
  • Virginia Otel
    President, PWN Bucharest View bio
  • Virginie Martins de Nobrega
    VP Strategy, PWN Global View bio
  • Yıldız Bozkurt
    Co-President, PWN Istanbul View bio
  • Yolanda Gutiérrez
    Co-President, PWN Madrid View bio

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